Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About the À la Carte RPG system.

In mid 2008 I took the first steps toward making concrete the ideas I and a friend both share regarding traditional pen and paper RPGs. For years I had decided against any attempts at formalizing our ‘homebrew’ rules because, quite simply, it was far too much work for any one person to do. Eventually, however, I could no longer reconcile what I considered my capability to do all that work with the obvious fact that I wasn’t gaining any more time in which to perform it.

I’ve already recorded the mechanics of the system and written the obligatory instructive text to describe those mechanics. I’ve also designed the layout and typesetting for the text, tables, charts, et. al. It is essentially compiled. I mention this here merely to give context to the volume of this journal, which is illustration. Until further notice, the updates here are illustrations and graphics that will accompany the titular À la Carte RPG rules system.

I plan, tentatively, to publish when I am finished. Comments and questions are of course welcome.

Thanks for reading, Straw.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I must get to work.