Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brandish - Sketch

I'm done with all the illustrations for the book project I've been working on for the past two years. I counted 96 illustrations (and graphics) for the book in total. It was an enormous task for me, and because of that, much of the artwork was a little rushed. So now, beginning with this character here, I'm slowing things down. I'm fully rendering and taking my time to produce the best possible images I can.

This is Brandish, my first ever D&D character. Fans of Rifts will note where his direct and borrowed inspiration came from. I used to draw this character repeatedly in high school--sometimes with no mask, sometimes with the mask, and with or without the hood. This time around, I wanted to show all of those states at once. His hood is partially off, exposing his rockin' 80's metal band hair, that he is an elf, and the hood all at the same time. I wanted to try to glom all those ideas from high school into one image. I still have the mechanical pencil I used to draw with in high school (more than a decade ago) and this image is being partially drafted with the very same pencil. I still have it! And it still works great.

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