Saturday, November 27, 2010

Irons In The Fire

All the images I have been doing lately are not expressly for my book(s), but rather to beef up my portfolio. I will, however, maybe put these portfolio images into my books at a later time. Since they are intended for my portfolio, they are not always my first choice when it comes to subject matter. I thought I would take a break from selling myself and do some things that are a little closer to my taste.

I am of course a great lover of the fantasy genre, but I find its trappings to be tired and superficial exercises in style. I love (the potential) of what we now call 'fantasy' because it really is just 'myth' by another name, and myth is the best way to tell big, epic, florid, and, most importantly, universal stories. Universality is important to me. The big picture offers the surest path to essential truth and understanding.

It is tempting to digress into a bloviation about how ill-informed almost all presentations of sword and sorcery are when it comes to things like art and technology. I try to stay tight lipped on this blog though, so instead let me just quickly express my distaste both for steampunk and WWII retreads. The baroque era is an undervalued and misunderstood time in history that, for me, offers a ripe catalog of artistic modes and decorative styles nearly ignored in the fantasy genre. And, just like classic myth or modern fantasy, the age of enlightenment's art and culture is big, florid, and epic.

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