Sunday, February 27, 2011

I can sketch again!

I was crestfallen to learn, after spending more than a week re-tuning my new OS install to run just so, that my Intuos 3 driver was not playing nice with Windows 7. 

Recently, I ruined my XP install with only two swift selections. In a nutshell, and without going into too much detail, I accidentally told my computer to forget which drive XP was installed on (and to never be able to remember). Of course I hadn't realized this mistake until I was greeted with a complete inability to rebuild my boot sector. While this might make me seem like a dunce who doesn't know what he's doing, the circumstances that created this mess for me are more complicated than you might expect. I am a dunce who marginally knows what he's doing.

So I decided to make the switch to Windows 7, rather than re-install a ten year old OS for the fourth or fifth time. Everything was working brilliantly; until I attempted to use my pen in Photoshop. The stroke would at random, and very frequently, lose all sensitivity and make a full-force line. It was completely unworkable, especially if you know anything about history states in Ps. I'm really glad I found a fix. I list it here in the very off chance someone else who has the same problem is ever reading this. I had to rollback the driver to 6.15.

So, all problems have been ironed out. I lost about two weeks to these and other problems but I am back to work now!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Change of schedule.

My schedule has changed again and it has freed up my time so that I can get back to my work. Lately I've been messing around with Sculptris by Pixologic. As you can see in the picture, they also make a program called ZBrush which, in addition to being a standard in the movie and game industry, is a program I covet for no real practical reason.

I'm very impressed that a program like Sculptris exists for free, though I admit being restricted to 'spheres' and 'planes' is frustrating. Maybe I'll have to give Blender a shot. Also, Sculptris can import wavefront .obj files which I'm guessing is like 70% of the battle.

This week I think I can finally finish my slumbering dragon...