Saturday, March 19, 2011

'Segmentation Challenge' - FINAL

Beholders have a host killer rays which issue from their various 'eye-stalks' and since the art order gave no direction, I chose the disintegration ray. At the outset of this illustration, the plan was to have the warrior's face reflected in the sword blade to show her fright and dismay at so narrow an escape with death.  Once I started working on the Beholder in earnest, though, I realized she should instead be reflected in the creature's main eye. That was a better decision from both a story-telling and compositional perspective. I've run out of time, however, and that is a challenge so daunting that even if I am capable of it, I simply don't think I have enough time available.

This work has enough going on with it that I am not too upset over the missed chance for the eye reflection. There are, I think, a few second and third 'reads' to wander to. My girlfriend called the mouth 'lewd'--and that was the intention. I put an eye on the tongue, and also gave the creature nostrils; two things I've not seen done before. Again, my girlfriend was quick to point out that beholder-iffic creature from Big Trouble in Little China had an eye in it's mouth. Perhaps that's where I got the idea from. Finally, I could not have done all these eyes without looking to the inspirational work of Izzy.

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