Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'Ultimate Fighter Challenge' - Process

I was pleased to see a new Art Order challenge posted almost immediately after the deadline for the Segmentation challenge. I like these challenges a great deal because they are helping me build a portfolio of work that isn't entirely directed by my own energy--and thus the work I am making is more reflective of what real work will be like. My confidence in my ability is absolute at this point and I believe real work is now only a matter of time.

I have been so hard at work that I've been remiss in posting updates. This latest challenge is to be a "beauty shot" of the "ultimate badass". But "something fresh" was also requested. I thought long and hard on this. Free of context, or the very loose context of the 'sword and sorcery' genre present at, the question of what shape the ultimate badass should take was daunting to me. My mind strayed to many places: vikings filing their teeth, Kratos, samurai, Conan, and Tony Jaa to name a few. Elric was created as an anti-hero as a reaction to Conan and that was over 30 years ago; that idea too is essentially cliche at this point. This first idea is more in the Conan vein but with the idea that this guy has traveled to strange foreign lands, met interesting people, and killed them all. I still need to fix the pommel on his sword and tone down the texture on the armor, and lots of other things...

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